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NANY 2014 Release: Process Piglet

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Mouser, I got the following error when I installed this at work.  My computer is part of a domain and the document folder is redirected to the server, hence the F drive.

it says: ATTN: Error Creating Log file
\\fserver\xxx\dave\my documents\donationicoder\processpiglet\operationslog.txt

so how do i fix this?

it won't let me save the ini files either.  same reason.  it redirected to H and not F drive.  Also since I am not win 7, it should just be DOCUMENTS folder and not My Documents.

Can you re-download the new version and let me know if i fixed it?
-mouser (January 03, 2014, 03:00 AM)
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Now I get nice positive values in the message, great :up:

Thanks Ath.

techidave, you can edit the ConfigDir.ini file to tell it where to save files.

it appears its working after that.  i just removed the slash marks in front of CONFIGDIR=.

no errors at the moment.

thanks, Mouser


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