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NANY 2014 Release: Process Piglet

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Joe Hone:
Featured today at freewaregenius:

Mike Williams at betanews wrote an intelligent review of Process Piglet:

There are plenty of more sophisticated ways of monitoring RAM use, but Process Piglet is still a likeable tool, easy to use and very configurable. If you're having system resource issues and want to track what applications are doing over time, then we'd give it a try.

--- End quote ---


Any way to alter the initial read of the memory? As soon as I open Firefox Piglet starts squawking. I believe that the initial "average" of Firefox memory is too low. Otherwise why would it immediately start flagging Firefox when Firefox's memoiry usage is not increasing very much at all?

No way to manually override the memory setting?

Thank you.


Stay tuned I will add an option to let you tell Piglet to take a longer time to establish baseline memory use for processes.

Just a quick check -- it looks like my code gives processes a very generous 30 seconds to establish a baseline memory use.. That should be enough to prevent "As soon as I open Firefox Piglet starts squawking".

So there should be no alerts for any process until its been running for at least 30 seconds.  If we find that isn't true then it's a bug.  Any insight into whether your alerts were coming before firefox was running for at least 30 seconds?


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