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WizNote (a PIM from China) - Mini-Review + Provisional User Forum

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One more annoyance:
When I create a new note, focus moves away from the text area, and I have to click to start writing.
Does anyone know a way to avoid this?
I have it on 'autosync'. I think it loses focus when it starts synching...

Warning: if you use 'open note in new window' it doesn't autosave that note.
I accidentally closed a note and lost hrs of work.
'Ah, it has previous versions' I thought. Nope, it's only for VIP. I'd buy the VIP version to get back my work, but impossible not knowing the language.

Wiznote developers, can you hear your users scream from up there?

WizNote blog posts: (translated from Chinese using Google Chrome auto-translate)
(Copied below sans embedded hyperlinks/images.)
To know notebook business services 50% discount promotion
2014-02-28 products and services , business services

To know notebook business services 50% discount promotion
    To know notes business services in 2014 was 3 months 1 day to launch a new pay plan, we canceled the restrictions of space and the number of members of the group before the introduction of a more economical and practical "Basic Edition" and "Professional Edition", the new version of the program In terms of prices and services compare with similar products in the market with the best price, to better meet the needs of SMEs and organizations in the information management team.  For details, please visit

5 % discount promotion
    To thank the user to know the notes and business support services, is launching a 5% discount on the purchase policy: the 2014 3 months 1 day before the trial of all registered users of business services, before April 1, 2014 to purchase public cloud-based enterprise Edition and Professional Edition, the new program will enjoy 5 % off the purchase price. This policy is a rare concession missed! Hurry!
    Users can access the enterprise service management background, into the "service charges" page, select the product package directly to make a purchase.

    Login to know notes        Click here to open Enterprise Services
    We also adjusted the trial version of enterprise service policy experience, if you are currently a trial version of the user experience, from 3 May 1 onwards, your trial period will be adjusted to 30 days, 30 days after the trial expires, you can not add admin team members, but the user data and the client will not be affected .

--- End quote ---

I haven't copied these two as they contain images and details that have to go together to make sense.

* Update details re PC version 4.2 (images and technical list of new features and bugfixes).
* People groups, communication and sharing (images and technical list of new features).

...'Ah, it has previous versions' I thought. Nope, it's only for VIP. ...
-urlwolf (February 22, 2014, 03:03 PM)
--- End quote ---
Previous versions seemed to work for me when I had saved a page online and edited it and then wanted to recover an earlier version.

I've been using this for a couple of weeks now.  This is easily the most complete notetaking solution out there currently.  It's basically what Evernote should have been before they went all v3 on our asses.  THings I love so far:
--standalone pc app (rare these days)
--mobile app
--cloud access
--everything syncs nicely (did i mention the desktop app?!!)
--no over-simplification of features, all the necessary buttons are there.
--there's really nothing it can't do

It's my new goto app on my phone for taking notes.  I still use RightNote for dumping things into, but I can already tell it's affecting my workflow there (which is a good thing, it means they are both apps I like).

It is a bit of a slow application, that's my only complaint and probably a big reason why I'll always love things like RIghtNote that are just so fast feeling.


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