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Wiznote saves previous versions of notes; that's another killer feature right there.
What I couldn't find is how to get a diff from a previous version. The way it works, to get a previous version it goes back to the server, applies the delta chain back in time, and drops you on the state you were. But the current note is lost (till you revert to it). You can of course make a copy first. And it's html so you could use a diff program that compares rendered html (if there's one). Would be lovely to have it built-in though...

...I still don't get how to use markdown with wiznote though...
-urlwolf (February 21, 2014, 02:37 AM)
--- End quote ---
Well, I'm not sure I understand what "markdown" is, other than an alternative non-html method of changing font styles and font weighting, but have you  - for example - saved a web page into WN and then gone into it and edited it? I have, and it's amazingly easy. Is that "markdown"?

For example:

Ah, I have just figured out how to switch off text speech in mid-sentence. Go to the Systray and there is a WizTTS (Text-To-Speech) icon. Right click it and select exit.
If you click on the Speech | Options in WN, it says the TTS is Microsoft Anna - English (United States)

Microsoft Anna is the standard TTS  - it is an Accessibility Feature in MS Office 2013 called "Speak" - it does not appear on the ribbon. It reads text rather well - it's quite smart - though it is a bit jerky.
For example it reads the text 2014-02-10 2218hrs as "February 10th twenty-fourteen two thousand two hundred eighteen hours" (i.e., it understood that "hrs" was an abbreviation for "hours"). If it had been smarter, it would have read it in the correct military format of "twenty-two eighteen hours".

Deliberately left blank.

thanks for those screenshots ianb!  that helps convince me even more how great this program is.  i had my doubts for a while.


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