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NANY 2014 Release : WinButtonsWebServer plugin for WinButtons



NANY 2014 Entry Information
Application Name WinButtonsWebServer plugin Version beta Short Description A plugin for WinButtons 4.0, using a new plugin interface of WinButtons Supported OSes Windows XP and newer Web Page WinButtons homepage (not updated with this beta yet) Download Link Attached to this post System Requirements
* WinButtons 3.9.9 (beta)/ 4.0.0 (included)
* Some .wbuc/.ini configurations for WinButtonsVersion History
* 2013-12-31: v1.0.0.0 beta: First release for NANY 2014Author Ath

This is a WebServer plugin for WinButtons, allowing button configurations to be displayed by a webbrowser on the local network, f.i. from a tablet or mobile phone, using the WiFi network.

Generate and display a .html/.js page presenting the buttons from a WinButtons configuration file (.wbuc/.ini)

Planned Features

* Complete generation of the button-attributes available for the GUI version of WinButtons
* Add an auto-refresh feature
* Fix any bugs found

Unpack the contents of the zip-file on top of an existing (copy) of a WinButtons 3.6.1 installation

Using the Application
After starting WinButtons, run a webbrowser against the url shown in the WinBtnWebServer GUI.

Remove all files

Known Issues
This currently is beta quality software!


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