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NANY RELEASE: [PLUGIN] Growl For Windows Forwarder: Pushover

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Application NamePushover ForwarderVersion1.0Short DescriptionForwards Growl for Windows notifications through the Pushover mobile app.Download linkDirect Install (Manual install) Supported OSSee Growl for Windows; Pushover requirements.
Yep. Last minute.  
Plugin for Growl for Windows, forwards notifications to Pushover.  
(Existing plugins forward to either Android OR iOS. Pushover is the only service that goes to both my phone, and iPad.   Also IFFT uses it, which is awesome.)

Install here.

I'm a huge fan of Growl for Windows (and have included support for it on a few of my own apps).   :Thmbsup:

Updated to 1.0, and added support for Notification Priority.

Note that for the moment, the app API Key I'm using has a limit of 7,500 calls per month.  They say they're willing to bump that for Open Source projects, and have done so for the OSX Growl one.  But for the moment, I've got a limit.

I'm a huge fan of Growl for Windows (and have included support for it on a few of my own apps).   :Thmbsup:
-skwire (December 31, 2013, 12:16 AM)
--- End quote ---

As am/have I. 

And while existing solution did work for me, I disliked having two notification apps on my phone, one for Growl, one for IFFT. So this happened.  On new years eve; when I realized "Oh hey! I haven't done anything for NANY yet".

Cool app, kamahl!  :up:

This is great Kahmal, thanks! I'm not a Growl for Windows user yet though but it made me aware of pushover which I didn't know before.

By the way, Growl for Windows seems to be stale (or even plain dead) from what I can see on the website, is this just me?

Cheers  /jerome


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