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Looking for the title of an Anime

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When i was young, i used to watch an anime series on TV, sadly i don't remember much about it (specially not the title)
Here's what i do remember :
- there where some kids that had a big red car that could transform in all kind of things (i think i remember it transforming into a boat, a plane and things like that)
- they where on an island that later turned out to be a huge ship covered by vegetation
- they had to fight with some "grown ups", i think they where pirates but i might be wrong.

I used to watch it on the german television (Pro7 or Sat1) and I don't speak german, so most of what i understood from it was the action :p
I think the animation style was similar to that of Naruto, but since it was over 15 years ago i might remember it wrong.

So, does anybody have any idea what's the title of the anime ?
Anybody got any idea ?

Thanks in advance.

i really hope i'm not mixing up the memories from 2 or more animes into one :)

I'll ask my son when he gets home later.
I think he will know.

Here is a list of anime series from the 80's and 90's:

Maybe there is one title (+short description) that juggles your brain so much that you remember it again :)

I did a DuckGo search on "anime where island was a huge ship covered by vegetation".

Might be:
Thriller Bark
Thriller Bark Arc
Fillers Galore in Naruto Shippuden August 2011 Schedule | Saiyan Island

Looks like these could have been fun viewing.

It could be M.A.S.K.:


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