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'logging off' & 'shutting down'

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In Windows 7 (and higher) the Windows Event viewer shows you a lot more. Although this info can be overwhelming, it is very useful.

Go to the Windows Control Panel > Administrative tools> Event viewer

A Window will open. Maximize it as the information that will be shown to you needs all the screen real-estate it can get. On the left is a tree view, select option 'Application and service logs'

New options will appear, select Microsoft > Windows > Windows Firewall With Advanced Security > Firewall.

On top of the center of the screen you will see a chronologically ordered list of events that took place. Select any event and the bottom half in the center of the screen shows you the detailed information of the selected event.

Now, most of the occurred events are likely not that interesting, but events with event id 2011 could be. Events with that id show a network communication attempt with any application (including port, process ID and complete file path) on your system. Searching on the internet with the application name and port number will show you if the communication is benign or not.

My computer only has its standard firewall enabled, without anti-virus. If you have another firewall and/or anti-virus solution enabled, I am sure you will find it in the 'Application and service logs' section of the event viewer.

In response to the OP, to put it simply the act of logging the user off before shutting down is much the same as saving all data in any open programs before you shut down and reboot the PC.

When Windows logs the user off it is saving all user account data and closing all files in an orderly fashion that were in use by the user account before it moves on to the shutting down process which performs an orderly closing of all files that were being used by the operating system in general.

A bit over-simplified of an explanation, but rest assured that Microsoft was not receiving 'phone calls' from your PC.

A bit over-simplified of an explanation, but rest assured that Microsoft was not receiving 'phone calls' from your PC.
--- End quote ---

All I know is, if they start calling collect there will be hell to pay.   >:(


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