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'logging off' & 'shutting down'

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When I go to shut down my Win7, first it displays something like 'logging off' and then it says 'shutting down'.
Is it 'reporting' (i.e. 'phoning home' to Microsoft or somewhere) when it 'logs off'?

I couldn't say for sure re the 'phoning home', but that's not intrinsically what that means.  The difference between logging off and shutting down is that one is closing your session (logging off) and the other is doing things related to performing a complete power off.  You can log off and not shut down your machine.  And also note that when you first turn on the machine, if you have a password set or more than one user, you arrive at a log on screen- that state is the one that you arrive at by logging off.

after much searching I came across this:

As Windows 7 shuts down the computer you will see two messages. Logging Off and then Shutting Down. Logging Off means it is disconnecting from the current user account. In general Logging Off means to disconnect from something, such as a User Account or Internet Account. Logging On means the reverse; To connect to something. For more information read the Log Off/On section. Once Windows 7 has logged you off (signed you out) it then saves your current computer settings and personal (desktop) settings before actually turning off (shutting down) the computer.
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it came from this site

I hope this helps

Thank you very much.  :D

If you want to get a look at some stuff MS tries to send out and have a router with most ports blocked you can see failed outgoing connection attempts on various ports if you look through the log files.  Maybe a network guru can chime in.  I don't remember the names of the log files off hand.


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