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As warned, using the profiles option is still not a great idea. My db was wiped (but I had a backup) presumably as a result.-mrpeach (March 12, 2015, 11:40 PM)
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Sorry to hear this.  Do you recall anything different about it shutting down the previous time before this happened?-skwire (March 13, 2015, 12:05 AM)
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There had been some odd behavior just before it happened. Unfortunately I was not paying enough attention to describe it clearly (I thought I had messed up somehow).
I will be using the feature again once I have my db back into shape (I lost a few weeks input) and will pay *much* more attention at that time.

The only thing I would change is to fix the sorting on large episode numbers. It's rather a PITA trying to work around it.-mrpeach (March 12, 2015, 11:40 PM)
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Which column are you sorting on exactly?-skwire (March 13, 2015, 12:05 AM)
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When viewing with series view, there doesn't appear to be any sorting control - I tried all the columns, and nothing changed.
It seems it is fixed on "Episode", but when transitioning between 6 & 8 characters it messes up.


Hope that helps! :)

Just updated to latest stable release and it keeps getting better,
Thanks Jodi

Feature Request:
In Series Tab
Please Color code Series Titles by status,
IE Ended/Continuing or no status result (so three colors.)
The reason ease of use.
Because the steps getting to Status include:
1.) clicking Series Tab, 2.) clicking individual series title, 3.) waiting for display. (Rather fast enough with a few shows to check but with 100 or so it is a bit slow to check all.)

2 Problems?

1.) Artifacts in Series tab view from status notifications at bottom when scrolling.
EpCheck Version  on XP SP3
(Probably best to avoid scrolling the tab when notifications occur.)

2.) When scrolling in Series tab scroll locks/stops cannot continue past Marvels Agents of Shield.
Currently I just reverse alphabetization and continue from other end of alphabet to Marvels Agents of Shield.

Thanks for EpCheck

Various scrolling artifacts seen here as well. Mostly I ignore them or use pg-up/down to avoid them.

I had intended to mention them in my previous post, but apparently that thought got lost somewhere between intention and action.

Love the program. Had put together an app using Excel and VBA pulling data from TVRage and used it for 3 years.  Dumped it when I found this little gem.  Not surprisingly I had the same occasional delay problem with TVRage the author has had with TVDB although that hasn't been an issue lately with epCheck.

Just to add another voice to the list regarding "artifacts" I've go them as well.

A major issue that seems to be intermittent on my version of epCheck (and what prompted me to join this forum today) is the loss of checkmarks after doing a refresh. This happens when epCheck automatically checks for data or when I use the automated "Refresh All Series Data Now" in the options tab.  It does not happen all the time and I don't always notice it right away because it was not affecting all of the series or even all of the episodes in a series. I finally set the automated check to 999 days and had started manually updating each series a couple of months ago by using the Ctrl-R option on the Series tab. That seemed to resolve the problem.

Today, I was in a hurry and hit the "Refresh all Series Data Now" button and when it finished 99% of the episodes on all of the series were unchecked.  No error messages and there were no delays during processing.  I scrolled through each of the the series and there were a few (1 or 2) episodes check on a handful of the series. No idea what is causing this because it's not consistent and it doesn't happen when I use Ctrl-R.  

Note, I have a high-speed internet connection (100mbps) and write to an attached USB 3.0 drive. I've never lost the database even though I've been using multiple profiles.  I'm using epCheck v1.1.5 build 1.

-Wish List -
1.  Display unwatched back episodes.  - Due to my schedule I don't always have time to watch all of the shows that I track so some wind up being unchecked. In the little Excel app I'd built I had  a filter that would let me see just a list of all unwatched back episodes on one page, grouped by series for anything unchecked with a date less than today.  As I watched them I'd check them off. There have been some series (i.e. Hawaii Five-0) that I don't want to watch the current season until I have a chance to catch-up on prior seasons.  Temporarily, I'm setting up a profile for just those shows.

2.  Cancelled, Ended, Continuing, Summar - When a show is pulled off the air and I've watched all of the episodes I delete the series from epCheck. Rather than having to scroll through all of the series to see if the status has changed, a tab showing a list of all of the series and the status might be be a useful feature to catch shows that were reportedly being ended but then revived (i.e. Unforgettable and Perception). It might not be 100% effective but would save having to  scroll through all of the series after a refresh to see if anything has changed. (Also, maybe the series name could be color coded to identify its status?  red=ended/ending, green=continuing, orange=on the bubble?)

Nice job on creating a useful tool for us TV'o'phile's who only want to track our favorite shows.



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