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NANY 2014 Release - epCheck

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I went ahead and entered a bunch of series, and I do see them in the monthly view.
In the series view there is nothing, but there IS a scroll bar where the series names should be.
-mrpeach (November 12, 2014, 08:39 PM)
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I'm going to bet the columns are all at zero-width.  Click into the listview and press Ctrl+NumpadPlus.  Let me know what happens.

Well yabba dabba fricken do! That was it.

Thank you so very much. :)

Well yabba dabba fricken do! That was it.
Thank you so very much. :)-mrpeach (November 12, 2014, 09:09 PM)
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You're welcome...and added to my buglist.

Hold on...

If I have the beta open to the Weekly view and I check off an episode(s) and then hit 'Refresh view' (bottom right corner) the check(s) I just made are erased.

But, if I make the checks and then close epCheck and re-open, the checks are there.

Ok, more to consider: if I check an episode and then go to the Series view and then immediately come back to the Weekly view and hit 'Refresh view' the check holds.  I don't have to go to the specific show in the Series list for the check to hold, I only have to click on the Series tab.

I assume a 'save' is not being made unless I leave the Weekly view, either by closing epCheck or by going to the Series tab.  Going from the Weekly view to another tab - Monthly, Search, or Options - seems to sometimes save the check and sometimes not.


Hmmm....-msteph (November 13, 2014, 02:32 PM)
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Hehehe...keeping two listview's checks synched is a bit of a tricky pain in the arse.  Please see if the latest build fixes things:

Thanks.  =]


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