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NANY 2014 Release - epCheck

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probably.  basically you're using it for a plain-text database if you strip it down... so a separate file from the configurations would seem to be the right way to go imo.

Sounds good for watched INI.

Might reiterate my suggestion of listing all episodes ID on first load of the series in the watched INI. When you mark it as seen it removes that episodes ID from the watched INI. Once again the idea is to steadily make the INI smaller over time.

Normal idea of recording.
If it is not there then not seen. If watched mark ID in file so that it is marked seen. (File grows as more and more series are added. More data needs to be read slower program runs.)

Just reversing the logic of recording the data.
If show ID is there it is not seen. If it is not there then marked seen. (File starts large and gets smaller over time no matter how many series you have. Less data faster response.)

I just seen that what is watched is in the config.ini. My idea still stands on reverse recording and it can stay in the config.ini.

I just seen that what is watched is in the config.ini. My idea still stands on reverse recording and it can stay in the config.ini.-nickodemos (January 26, 2014, 02:15 PM)
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Thank you for your idea.  However, I'm not going to do this because:

* Your reverse way would involve having to compare the current list with any potential new additions every time a series is refreshed.  Programmatically, I find it much easier to simply keep track of watched episode IDs.  Sure, the list will grow over time but...
* ...even with over a hundred TV shows and all episodes watched, the size of the text file is going to be inconsequential.  I tested this with 118 series and all episodes marked watched.  The resulting watched.ini file was only 158 KB.  That was with Doctor Who (700+ eps) and Cops (~900 eps).
* In regards to a performance hit, again, I think it's going to be extremely minimal.  Most any (semi) modern computer can parse through thousands of lines in a text file in fraction of a second.

Here is the latest interim build:

This moves the watched state data to its own watched.ini file in the data folder.  It should move any current watched data from the config.ini to the new watched.ini but if for some reason it doesn't, I apologise.   :o

Hi  Jody.

Great program! I just downloaded it tonight and tried it out. What little I entered so far is looking pretty good!   :D

One issue I encountered: Gotta be real careful when resizing the window. I only had two series in it when I decided to stretch the window a bit. The default when I first opened it was a little too small on a 27" monitor. Anyway after pulling the right bottom corner down about one inch the screen froze. And I don’t mean only the epCheck window - I mean the whole screen! My cursor had changed to the little double arrow that it does when resizing windows, but it stayed like that all over the screen. I couldn't move the cursor over my taskbar - it just wouldn’t go there. Couldn't click on anything at all. The screen was just static. I couldn't clear the screen; ESC did nothing; neither Alt+Tab nor Win+Tab did anything. Just totally locked out. I could move the cursor and nothing else. I decided to try that old standby, Ctrl+Alt+Del, so I could hopefully bring up the task manager, and that finally worked! I restored the task manager and noticed at the same3 time that my cursor had gone back to an arrow. All was fine at that point.

Don’t know if this is related but lately (past two to three months) some programs have become non-responsive and I found that the Desktop Windows Manager (dwm.exe) was also non-responsive whenever this occurred. I don’t know if that was the case this time since I couldn't look at task manager or anywhere else for a time there, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Running Windows 7x64 on a pretty beefy machine.

Thanks again!



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