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Hi, ZoNi.011, and welcome to the DonationCoder site.   :)

Can you add option to see series from PREVIOUS and NEXT week? Also, I would prefer if it can use option "week starts on Monday", if possible.-ZoNi.011 (January 06, 2014, 05:32 AM)
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I'll keep this in mind but I don't think it will be added anytime soon (see below).  I know it's not the same, but you could set epCheck's weekly view to display 14 or 21 days ahead.  That way, you can see two or three weeks ahead.

Until today, I have used Watcher, and it has "previous/next" buttons, but overall I think epCheck is better.-ZoNi.011 (January 06, 2014, 05:32 AM)
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I used Watcher for a long time before writing epCheck (I even donated).  I think it's a great program and I never intended for epCheck to be a clone of Watcher.  There were just a few things that I wanted to change:

* Switch to for data as they have TV shows and a decent selection of anime series.
* The main TV series listing user interface.  Basically, I wanted it like how I did epCheck's Series tab (three panes, etc.).  
* I wanted series and episode summaries (another reason to switch to
* I didn't like the listview hot-tracking that Watcher does.  This is just a personal preference.
* I'm not a huge eye-candy person, but I wanted nice banner images (yet another reason to switch to
* I wanted to make it easier to add many series in a row (keyboard-centric).
I assumed that those types of changes would have required some serious reworking to Watcher so, rather than bother its developer (Ian Bugeja) for them, I designed and wrote epCheck instead.  Here are some other apps I found before writing epCheck:

tvGuide  Seemed a bit buggy/flakey when I tried it.
Free TvDB  Extremely complete application.  Maybe too complete if you prefer simple apps.

BTW, you have a nice website.  I've enjoyed reading several articles.  =]

Thank you for your answer! :) I have set 10 days previous and 10 in future, that should be enough.

Thank you for your answer! :) I have set 10 days previous and 10 in future, that should be enough.
-ZoNi.011 (January 06, 2014, 12:17 PM)
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You are very welcome.   :Thmbsup:  Thank you for understanding and I'm glad the workaround will be enough.  I've also added your site to my RSS reader.

I Love EpCheck as it is but have a few suggestions.
1)The  website TVDB.COM mentions the Air Day, Air Time, Network on the first page for each series example = TVDB.COM Almost Human This data could be retrieved and displayed hopefully in the Weekly Tab and in the Series Tab. The second Column in the Weekly tab appears to be unused and could hold the data Air Day, Air Time, Network, of course the Weekly Tab only needs Air Time, and Network. The area just after the Air Date column is blank space/ empty column.

2) Series Tab could highlight current episode, or similar to Weekly Tab it could highlight Past, Present, & Future thus all previous episodes, seasons could be ignored since all would be red.

3) Currently EpCheck opens in the Series Tab, an option to open in the Weekly Tab would be great.

4) Minimize until update complete would also be a great option, as would start Minimized.

5) Default color code could change to RED = Past Green = Today Blue = Future this follows the light spectrum roughly, and green = go of course. (I have changed using options already, just a thought.)

Thank you for your wonderful software.

@ kalvanotherwhen: regarding 3 & 5 - have you tried OPTIONS tab? :)


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