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NANY 2014 Release - epCheck

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One possibility that I'm using right now is "thefutoncritic" website.-msteph (November 25, 2019, 09:10 AM)
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(Read msteph's post #385 above for his tips and insight of The Futon Critic, too.)

The Futon Critic is exceptionally useful.  Its catalogue and episode accuracy exceeds anything I've used.  I've bumped into this site a few years ago, but never recognized its value.  Probably because of its old-school, but good-school interface.

Anyhow, it will be my primary source as an accuracy check against TrakTV, Episode Calendar and DUckieTV, each of which leave something to be desired in that department.  I'll continue to use it even if/when epCheck returns.

The Futon Critic (My Futon Critic when you're logged in) touts itself as "the world's best television resource."  I can't argue that and IMHO, the simple displays has much to do with that. 

There are caveats:
- Unsecure HTTP connection.  No big deal considering what's being dealt with, but you should make sure you sign up with an email address you don't use for important stuff.  (I used a temporary mailinator dot com address as I'm not needing any of The Critics' e-mail subscriptions.)  All things considered, one can even use a simple-to-remember password.

- Ancient searching algorithms.  "The NameOfShow" fails, "NameOfShow, The" doesn't.  I couldn't find "A Discovery of Witches" but I did find it in a list of shows by searching "discovery."  Upon selecting it, it's in my ShowWatch as "Discovery of Witches, A"  Search for two or three dozen shows and you'll get the hang of it.

- There is no "wall" calendar as in epCheck.  The calendar is a front end for a very complete and useful text listing of show(s) for the date you click on.  A text listing can also be displayed for an entire month. The calendar does not have different fonts/colors for days with or without shows.

I really like MyNews.  It parses your ShowWatch for custom targeting of news and announcements, RSS capable.


nickodemos, thanks for that link to My Episodes.  Looks like a good resource and I'll check it out further.

dallas7, thanks for the expanded review of Futon Critic.  It's the site I'm using now, having added all my shows.  I take a screenshot of the month, eg December, then edit out the shows as I watch them.  I also check daily for changes to the calendar for that day.  Works quite well so far.

And Jody, here's hoping for epCheck's revival.  :)

I use epCheck/Trakt/myepisodes in conjunction with each other.

epCheck was always the backup fail-safe but even it got thrown for a loop. Lucky for us the creator is still active.

myepisodes is dead simple to update and I tend to update it quarterly.

Trakt is updated through a phone app.

All three are very easy to use and keep updated, so I use all three as a fail-safe to each other.

nickodemos, good information!  :)

Happy New Year everyone!


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