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Hi skwire,

I'm a long time user of epcheck.
Today I wanted to mark my "progress" to the TV series "Big Little Lies", but it didn't show any information for that series (I added earlier to "My shows").
When I try to refresh the series data, it "hangs".
I closed the program. Removed the show from the files myshows.txt and watched.ini.
I restarted epcheck, tried to add "Big Little Lies" to my shows again, but once again it hangs showing

        Downloading data for:
              Big Little Lies

Any idea what's going on?
Presumably a problem with the source you get the info from?
PS. I had the same problem (no data showing) for the (earlier added) series "Black Mirror", but removing and re-adding it solved it. However, not so for "Big Little Lies".

Kind regards

I had the above problem with version 1.1.5 Build 1.
But after some browsing around in this thread I found the latest version is 1.1.5 Build 166.
I installed that one, did a refresh of the data. It didn't hang no more, but it showed nothing (white space).
But after selecting another series and selecting "Big Little Lies" again, I had all the information.
So, problem solved apparently.

Jody, it looks like the 'dreaded day' has finally come to TVDB.  This evening I saw that epCheck was missing some shows' dates so I did a refresh and ALL the data is gone (my Series shows are still listed but no episodes, dates etc). 

Checked at TVDB and see that they've gone to "v3" which I assume is their 'upgrade' that breaks epCheck.

Can you verify my conclusion?

Mike S.

I think when they're talking about "version 3" in their forum they mean their web site.
The API is version 2.2 (

And btw, epCheck is still working well on my side.

Thanks for the clarification on the version numbers, zzynx.  And I'm really glad to hear that epCheck is still working for you.

With that in mind, just now, I refreshed all the data, twice (first time saw no change), and now all the show dates etc are back.

In the past, I've had a show or a couple of shows have their data disappear from the Series list.  The show's title is still there but the episodes, air dates, etc are gone.  I've always just 'Refresh series data' and the info comes back.  This time was very weird - all the data for all the shows was gone, just blank spaces.  And, obviously, all the listings in the Weekly and Monthly tabs were not there.

What a relief!  I can't tell you how much I rely on epCheck to keep track of my big/long list of shows.  :)

In the past, I've had a show or a couple of shows have their data disappear from the Series list.
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I've had the same. (cf. Reply #365). Make sure you use 1.1.5 Build 166. At least it solved my problem at that moment.

What a relief!
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Good to hear. :Thmbsup:


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