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NANY 2014 Release - epCheck

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skwire please answer am using version is 1.1.5 build 166 it says on check for updates Latest is version  1.1.5  I updated to  1.1.5  should I use 1.1 5 version ?

Use whichever version you want.  Again, there are two versions you can use right now.  The v1.1.5.1 release, available on my website or the v1.1.5.166 beta available here on the forums.  The v1.1.5.166 beta has the revamped Options section and the Monthly view.  If you like those features, stay with v1.1.5.166 beta.


skwire please answer  I apologize for all the questions I will use  (v1.1.5 build 166).


skwire please answer  I apologize  I messed up where can I  download to install of  (v1.1.5 build 166).



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