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NANY 2014 Release - epCheck

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That seems to have fixed the disappearing checks.   :)

Hi epCheck dev, the program is really fun, thank you for your hard work.

I know you don't make any promises for epCheck's usability on Win8.1 (x64) - I mention this only, well, to mention it  ;D

For no apparent reason and at various times the tooltip for "Search and add series" will pop up and the icon will highlight (as if the icon was moused over), for example, when epCheck is minimized then maximized. Where it happens regularly is when I update series data. Within moments of clicking "Refresh all series data now", magically the tooltip slowly appears and the icon reacts as if it was moused over yet the cursor is still located over the refresh data button - hopefully the image is attached.

NANY 2014 Release - epCheck

My wishlist for epCheck  :Thmbsup:

1 ... The ability to add our own (extra) series images, abiding by the image dimensions already specified. I think you can but they get deleted when the series is updated.

2 ... When any Series info is elipsed (Title, Network, etc, blahblahblah ...), mousing over it reveals the full text instead of needing to drag the control which creates the horizontal scrollbar while also hiding info to the right, depending on your screen size of course. Many series episodes have long titles or they have multi-titled episodes. The Love Boat for example has very long multi-titled episodes and all of them are elipsed (...). The only way to see the complete title is by dragging the Title over to the right. It would be pretty cool to mouse over any elipsed text and the full line is revealed, maybe as a bubble/balloon tooltip.

3 ... The ability to Search for an episode title or for an episode title keyword that appears in various episodes, similiar to Find, Find Next, (Find All in Current Series) - similiar to text editor functionality. Example, I highlight a series from my list of shows, an Episode Search button is created or activated while the episode list is populated as usual. I type in the search box my keyword, click Find - the episode or keyword is located and highlighted, or a list of episodes with the keyword is presented in a list associated with the Series I highlighted.

4 ... Series and Series Episode "Details" buttons - highlight a series from list, click "Series Details", the details would be something like Starring, From/To Dates, # of eps, etc. Click an episode, "Episode Details" might contain guest stars, etc. Possibly this info could be user created and maintained, stored in a file, the button might bring up the text in the default text editor, maybe something a bit nicer, a nice dialog box with preconfigured fields that are read from a file that the user will maintain and edit with a specified layout :-\

I fully understand that you have a life and if I remember correctly you didn't want epCheck to become a behemoth of an app. I've been using epCheck for quite a while now, consulting it often for specifics, as I frequent fan sites for some shows on my list. The features I mention (IMO) would make epCheck quicker to use and even more robust, search rather than scrolling up and down long lists for an episode, greater details for series and series episodes (user maintained), etc.

Again, I don't have any expectations and I'm definately not making even subtle demands, I offer my wishlist as food for thought only.


Darn if that isn't the most polite feature request I've seen!


Darn if that isn't the most polite feature request I've seen!

Jim-J-Mac (November 18, 2014, 11:44 AM)
--- End quote ---

Hmm, looking at your sig I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Just so you know, I'm licensed to carry, and I've warn the nickel off the trigger :)

^lol, hadn't noticed Jim's sig before -
but I'd say that's not sarcasm - I had the same thought myself :up:


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