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NANY 2014 Release - Spews

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NANY 2014 Entry Information
Application Name Spews Supported OSes Windows XP, Vista, and 7.  Does not work on Windows 8/10. Web Page Website Download Link Download Author Jody Holmes (Skwire Empire)
Spews stands for "S* Process Excluding Wallpaper Switcher" (the S can stand for whatever you want: Skwire, Sucky, Super, Stupid, etc.) and is designed to automatically switch your wallpapers on a configurable schedule.  Simply add your image folders, choose your wallpaper options and click the Enable button at the bottom.  You can check/uncheck the images paths as needed; only checked paths will be scanned for images.

Spews also has a feature that automatically suspends the wallpaper switching if it detects any process names you configure in the Exclusions section.  This can be beneficial, for instance, when running games whose graphics corrupt if the wallpaper is changed.


NANY 2014 Release - Spews

Download the zip file and extract its contents into a new folder.  Run Spews.exe to start the application.

Delete the folder you unzipped it to.  The application doesn't write any of its settings to the registry.

This app resulted from a request from ConstanceJill in this thread:

If you're new to the application, please take a minute to read through that thread.  Thank you.

Yay, the official release already \o/
Thanks again :}

EDIT// screenshots are from 0.0 build 38 - but still the same problem in version 1.0 build 1

A very odd bug:

writing a mail in Thunderbird -
when I typed "2" this dialog pops up:

NANY 2014 Release - Spews

I click it once (either [OK] or "x") - it reappears. Second time round, it goes.

I am unable to type "2" anywhere! But so far, the dialogue shown only pops up when I in Thunderbird.


NANY 2014 Release - Spews

Note: this happens:
- whether 'switching' is enabled or not
- whether minimised to tray or not

Sorry about that.   :-[

Website | Download
v1.0.1 - 2013-12-27
    ! Removed some debug code.  (Thanks, tomos)


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