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IDEA : Reload Target Program

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I haven't tried much in the way of record playback as I get frustrated if I miss a click and have to start again.  This page has some candidates:

also others may suggest some they have used.  On the Gizmo site often there's a gem "hidden" in the user comments.  I always read through those as often a suggested utility is better than those in the actual article.

Edit: what you may run into using ReRun is that it has a good chance to invoke the program with the same command line args but if stuff was done after, such as loading new files in an editor etc, it has no way to detect the state of the program.  But it may work out for some programs.

@4wd it's not TMP for me as I don't use it.  I tend to start with the same bunch of tabs and so use Browser Bunch to load a particular browser.


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