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System Volume Information


There is a folder on my empty thumb drive named 'System Volume Information'. In this folder, there is a file named 'IndexerVolumeGuid'. What are they? I can't delete them. Neither the file nor the folder (with the file). Is it some kind of virus or malware? Do I need to remove them? How can I remove them? I have Norton Internet Security installed with all the latest updates. Thanks for comments and suggestions in advance.

Stoic Joker:
SVI is a system folder that Windows uses for misc. file system stuff, like where the System Restore files are stored (assuming it's on C:\). assuming you don't actually have a GUID partition on the thumb drive...(that would be rather odd) could be a left over from a previous backup of some kind (e.g. it's harmless). But if the drive is indeed empty, a quick format should get rid of it.

Isn't the 'System Volume Information' folder by default hidden from view?

When one sees this folder, it is most of the time because one has adjusted the appropriate setting in the 'Folder view', accessible through the Windows Control Panel.

To my (limited) knowledge, after formatting the thumb drive, the first time the thumb drive is accessed by Windows, the folder returns.

As Stoic already explained, it's a system folder and is in principal harmless. 

Thanks Stoic Joker and Shades for replies.  :Thmbsup:


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