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mouser: is one of those independent websites that covers the free software scene, and has frequently featured DonationCoder applications and events.  It's one of our favorite websites.

Martin Brinkman, who runs ghacks, posted today that he is asking users who like the site to make a donation of any amount, which will entitle you to some special benefits on the site.

"What can be achieved however is to reduce the dependency on advertisement and search engine traffic. My hope is that it is possible to reduce it to a point where I do not have to worry about that at all anymore. Even if all traffic from search engines would die, I'd still be able to maintain this site and keep on doing what I'm doing."

--- End quote ---

We know how hard it is to raise funds from donations, so let's do our part to support ghacks and small independent sites like his -- go donate now!


The only thing I'll say is that the slider to set your donation amount doesn't work.  It has a box to put your amount in... but it's not accepted.  And the slider is no where near granular enough.  Sent an e-mail so I can donate once its fixed. :(

i was able to put my amount in manually and it worked ok -- maybe you have javascript disabled?

You can also send Donation Credits to ghacks.


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