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basic4android 50% discount code ( 4 of 20 left)


If you missed the 50% discount for basic4android Enterprise at bitsdujour last week. :tellme:

You can download a trialversion at
Very easy transfer and debugging of programs via wifi, bt, usb, emulator.

You can use my coupon code to get the (same) 50% discount 8)
    b4a enterprise inc. 2 years free upgrade now US$ 119/2 (= about 55 Euro including VAT/BTW)
    b4a standard inc. 2 months free upgrades now US$ 59/2 ,

The PLIMUS purchase page link is:

b4a discount50percent.txt (0.01 kB - downloaded 516 times.)

---- some conditions
- Only new customers can use the coupon.
- You have to go to the purchase page and click on the Plimus button.
- You have to enter your coupon code in the coupon field in order to receive the 50% discount.
- you have to order/pay using plimus.
- This coupon code can be used by max 20 new customers.

- After purchase I will receive a notification mail that someone has used the coupon.
- I will receive up to 4 additional years of free upgrades (one for each purchase). :D
- This offer can be terminated at any time by Anywhere Software.

BTW I am not affiliated with this company, just a very happy customer, who passes on his coupon code, in exchange for up to 2 additional yrs of free upgrades.

Please tell us (reply below) if the discount code doesn't work anymore. The site only keeps track of the number of downloads, not whether someone has actually applied it to purchase Basic for Android ;)


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