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EInvalidOp Error!

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An explanation of what's going on:
Alright I have FARR on a second harddrive and I installed it using the portable install and I'm trying to add the folder F:\Scripts folder to the searchable folders.
The locations of everything are:
Find and run robot, exe and config files are in F:\Programs\FARR\
The searchable folder is of course F:\Scripts
whenver I type in p it gives me that error. Removing the F:\Scripts folder from the searchable folders database makes the error go away. Any ideas?

I'm guessing there is a file in that directory that has a p in its name, that is somehow "evil" :)

Can you check the files in that folder, and look for one that might have a messed up date stamp, or messed up icon, or something else in it?

If there are a lot of files, you might try moving half of them out of their until you find the offending file (assuming i'm right that it has to do with a file that is somehow odd).

so I found the offending file, luckily there's only 5 scripts in the folder so it was really easy. :P  But it doesn't appear to have any strange attributes.
here's a picture of the properties:

how strange!!

can you zip and send me the batch file, assuming it's nothing sensitive?
([email protected])

Gmail wouldn't let me send the zip file it is as an attachment.
It's nothing special so I don't care if people see it. :P


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