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Donationware game shops


Do you know some donationware shop for games which shares revenue with developers ?
A shop with freeware games and a donation option: XX% go to the shop and the other XX% to the developers... is there any?

This topic is ageing but I thought I would weigh in.  the only one I am aware of is the deals and beneficiaries change regularly and the deals have a certain lifespan. If you're not familiar with it yet it is a good one to check out.

I meant something more like, but with an option to donate the same as in, a dedicated site for freeware games where anyone can have a page to publish games.

Hi I have just found
This game shop charges a 10% per game for hosting your creations.

This site looks good. You can sell up to 25MB of digital downloads without charge. There are no commissions per sale.


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