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Upgrade to Windows 64-bit

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Stoic Joker:
Is it possible and/or does anyone see any pitfalls in doing an install on the same partition that I have my 32-bit OS of the 64-bit OS?  I know I can't upgrade... but it would help if I could have both running at the same time.-wraith808 (December 20, 2013, 08:42 PM)
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Being a fan of having your cake and eating it too solutions ... I'd say yes, if you have either Ultimate or Enterprise edition. Either of these allow you to boot from a vhd file, which means that both (put the .vhd on C:\) can be on the same partition without conflicting with each other.

Otherwise, no...for the various reasons given above.

Ok... still preparing; one final question.  I know it was that the alternate windows partition had to be marked as inactive on boot, i.e. you can't have two partitions with windows active.

Is that still the case?  Just wanted to know if I needed to move my documents to a different directory for them to be accessible across versions.

Stoic Joker:
Oh this is a fun one...The system partition must be marked as active not the boot partition. The boot partition contains the OS, and you can have multiple boot partitions (e.g. OSs). But the bootstrap and boot loader goes on the system partition, which has to be active.

Permissions may still flake a bit as "disk ownership" "changes hands", but they should be accessible...(admin acct)...this is the kind of thing where domains are handy (just don't use a dynamic disk or the same machine name for multiple OSs).


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