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what can replace mp3info / mp3ext?

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it's itself, its self is itself.


@Innuendo and other dBpoweramp users:

The phrase "All payments are one off, there is no subscription or recurring payments" made me at first think the license had to be a so-called lifetime key. But then I noticed an upgrade-offer, and was confused. I think I have read that dBpoweramp was first released in 1999 - but fourteen years later they are now at version fourteen! Was it a major upgrade per year? Please tell what it takes in Real Life money to keep it updated.

The way that is phrased is a throwback to a couple years ago when there was a $5 or so annual subscription fee for one of the services he used for tag information lookups. (I think the service was GraceNote). That has since been eliminated and now it's a flat $38 for full use of the program with no subscription fees. The only future charges would be to upgrade to new versions of the program, which if I recall correctly, is $12.

According to the web site a new version is coming out in March so you might want to plan any purchases accordingly.

It's strange how it works with 'it' :-\
With names, the apostrophe is used for possessive, but not with 'it'. I'm sure I've heard that before (on dc even, I think) but it's the kind of thing I promptly forget...
-tomos (December 22, 2013, 12:32 PM)
--- End quote ---

Actually, "it" is a pronoun, so "its" as a possessive with no apostrophe goes right along with "his" "hers" "ours" "theirs" "yours", etc.
Oops, sorry to go off topic again.  Since the source is available I'm intrigued to see what it is that makes it not work on Win7, and whether it can be done.
... or come up with something entirely new with my fledgling code skills.  Gimme a few...  :tellme:

Since the source is available I'm intrigued to see what it is that makes it not work on Win7, and whether it can be done.-Edvard (December 31, 2013, 04:35 PM)
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One major problem is that MP3ext also should give icons to the various audio files:

-(notice that in year 2006 mouser said this was cool!)

-(Quote from: Curt on 25 January 2009, 18:34:26)

-("Re: media icons - suggestions please.")

It worked okay with 32-bits Win Vista, but not with 64-bits Win 7.


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