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what can replace mp3info / mp3ext?

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I really miss both mp3info and mp3ext, but they won't do their job on my 64-bits Win 7 Home Premium, because neither has been updated for 8 respective 10 years! Explorer can tell the bit rate, so the information that I miss the most is the sampling frequency. What do you use, in order to get easy informations from your mp3 files?


I only need informations about MP3 files.

MediaInfo Lite

what can replace mp3info / mp3ext?

As a bonus it'll do all media files  :)

If I'm going to do anything more than look at MP3 information, I'll use MP3Tag.

AudioShell ?

what can replace mp3info / mp3ext?

Since the source for MP3Ext is available, one of the members here might recompile for x64 for you, (assuming it doesn't necessitate a major rewrite due to age).

MediaInfo Lite-4wd (December 20, 2013, 07:08 PM)
--- End quote ---

-thanks!  :up:

dBpoweramp has as one of its components something similar (but in my opinion better) to AudioShell. Not free, though, but does a lot more. Conversion between different audio formats, etc. It's more of a full-service solution than just an Explorer extension.

I am not English, but even I can see, this is wrong:

dBpoweramp integrates it's self with Windows Explorer
--- End quote ---


What I really wanted to complaint about is the absence of the promised "Popup info tips"
-which also is where the quotation above came from:

dBpoweramp integrates it's self with Windows Explorer:

• Popup Info Tips hold the mouse over a supported audio file and dBpoweramp displays details:

--- End quote ---

I assume MP3 should be supported?
In real life the popup is still as it used to be:


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