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PROJECT: Children's home store server

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Someone should do this for NANY -- by that I mean not coding the whole thing from scratch, but writing any necessary tweaks to modify or configure the open source components of a LAMP setup, and writing a step by step tutorial on how to set it up.

Just a generally-supportive post with a little giggling here ... this entire concept strikes me as a little funny. Talk about raising children in the digital age!

But what I do want to know is a bit about why they're not straight cash sale transactions, and why they have to be "fake". Why not give the daughter "store credits" that she can then cash out like any other "easy" store transaction?

In other words, it's not clear to me why stuff in the "store" can't just have a dollar value, and the daughter "earns store money" doing chores. Then it's just a regular cash-out. She can't be buying stuff daily, I'm betting she only gets stuff at most once a month or even once a week. So just use a typical store-cart.


Tao, let me preface this explanation below with the fact that our daughter is autistic. We use fake money because this started as a physical catalog-based store that we created in publisher and printed out as it was modified. The original intent was to teach monetary concepts and help her learn to save while also helping to enforce desirable and positive behaviors in place of certain non-desirable behaviors or actions. We are simply trying to move this one step further. Store credit would not give her the physical representation of money that she requires to fully understand these concepts. Think of the physical money as an immediate reward for her when she engages in a desirable behavior.

As a person living in the digital age, I can already tell you that I've watched many people (including myself as a teenager) get into trouble with things like non-physical money (debit cards, digital currency accounts, etc.). The reason for this is the idea that you are spending money diminishes as you use just swipe a card or login to an account. This is what we eventually want to lead up to with our daughter, but the physical money helps to enforce these concepts, and gives her something to represent how much she actually has. A big issue we have encountered is her lack of impulse control. Teaching her to save her money for the larger items in the store (A game she really wants, something of choice at the local stores, etc.) has proven difficult.

We will eventually move to all digital when we feel she has a grasp of money concepts (which isn't that far off as she is only very recently beginning to understand "a lot" VS "a little"). Additionally, we don't want to jump ship too quickly to all digital until she is able to better exhibit impulse control.

So, needless to say, she earns money in a lot of different ways throughout the day. At night, once per day, she is allowed to buy something out of the store. We include lots of little things for her as well, not just big ticket items. However, we do include things she wants that are higher priced in hopes that she will save, or learn to buy something little every now and then vice HAVING TO buy something every night.


Does this help?

It does, and makes a lot of sense even for non-autistic children. I've done the same with my kids, but didn't have the catalog aspect.  That's why i asked about the LAMP aspect; I have te start of my solution to build out- but its a desktop application

I was getting to you next wraith :) I just needed coffee, first.

The solution does NOT have to be a LAMP solution, it was just my preferred method based on the information I had. I am still playing with various ecommerce suites in an attempt to find one that fits the bill. I like the idea of an ecommerce solution as it provides a great deal of flexibility and can also help me teach our daughter about online shopping, how things work, etc.

I am open to any and all ideas, however :)


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