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PROJECT: Children's home store server

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OK, if you are reading this, then you must be immediately killed because this project is top, just kidding.

Anyways, this idea came to me after my wife and I implemented a "store" in our home to help reward our daughter for appropriate (desirable) behaviors. This allows her to earn fake money for things that we add to the store. It is based around a central catalog which we maintain. Unfortunately, maintenance and printing this catalog has become quite tedious and I have decided that I want to take a stab at digitizing the store.

Enter the new project. So, we have a media server running on an old dual core laptop. For what we use it for, it works well (DLNA to our PS3s). I have since installed a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) suite on the laptop in hopes of setting up an "ecommerce" site for my daughter. This would help us by allowing us to more easily add items to the store, while also re-enforcing memorization of things like her address, birthday (birthday specials), family birthdays, etc.

The need: Here is what I am looking for. Right now, I have installed and have actively running a copy of Zen Cart, Open Cart, Presta, and soon oscommerce. I am looking for an ecommerce solution that is simplistic enough to where I don't have to edit every conceivable attribute for a "product" in order to add it to our catalog. I would like for her to be able to submit orders, payment type of "check", and check the status of these orders. This will not only help us re-enforce proper money use, but it will eventually allow us to involve "fake checks" and a "fake credit card" system that we want to implement as well.

So, I am looking for suggestions on potential open source products I can implement to help get this under way. One shortcoming I have found is the lack of page editing capabilities without having to modify TPL files. I would like some form of basic WYSIWYG editor.

Other than that, I am open to other ideas.

I am open to any and all suggestions. What does everyone think?

I love this idea -- it would be great to see this developed in a way that others can set it up for their households too.

After a few searches I've run into this software with a checkout sandbox to simulate payments

I actually like this a lot... I'll have some time next week (when I'll be working on my NANY entries) so I had a question in terms of implementation- did you set up your items on a LAMP stack and as a web application because that was easiest?  Or were you looking at that's how you wanted to implement it?  Or were you open to other implementations?

it might be useful for you to start a list on that thread of features required. some examples:

* 1. needs to support multiple user accounts, so each child can have a login of their own
* 2. for each user account, it must be possible for the admin to add money to the child's account easily
* 3. user must be able to build a shopping card, and then "checkout" to purchase
* 4. admin's must be informed when child makes a purchase of something, and then the money subtracted from user's account
* 5. must be easy for admins to add "products" with pictures and prices


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