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NANY 2014 Pledge: xbmcsender


NANY 2014 Project name: xbmcsender

What is it?

This NANY release consists of a small (open source) python class and commandline utility for sending links to your xbmc for playback.

This script will send urls (audio, video, youtube, images) to your xbmc htpc machine for playback, but it can also be used to send local files, which is does by first ftping the file and then instructing your xbmc to play it from the newly uploaded location.

This script itself is cross-platform; it also comes with a windows-only Find and Run Robot alias addon.

What's the point?

The idea of this tool is to let you quickly send a file or url from your main pc to your xbmc htpc box.

There are actually quite a few addons for different browsers that will help you do this -- i wanted a more neutral non-browser-specific solution that could send not just any url, but also upload local files.  The point is to have a very quick way to take something on your local machine and play it on your xbmc with the fewest hassle.  And perhaps more functionality will be added by me and others?


I have now posted a download link.


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