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Black screen captured

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Update: In one of your posted links, I saw the browsers mentioned and went into Firefox and disabled the Webroot Add-on. Rebooted, still got the white screen when trying to grab a region (or print screen) when the browser is running.
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A good bet would be that whatever that webroot add-on did, it did not reverse changes to the browser by disabling it.
Could try removing the add-on, or telling the main program to leave Firefox alone. And IE too I suppose... I wonder what these security programs do that blocks a screenshot in a browser...

Yes, it seems odd (to me) that browser-specific settings for both FF & IE choose to target screen-capture utilities, but I'm sure they (security tool companies) have their reasons.
What I find interesting is that SSC 4.7.2 works just fine with either browser running. I will do some deeper digging and uninstall Webroot and see if that fixes it. Then I'll at least know if that's causing the problem.

Hey there .o/

Which game(s) are you having problems with?
I know of some where you can't take a screenshot using Windows' clipboard or most third party tools (or if you do they look just weird at best), yet they usually have their own screenshot saving feature.
For example Diablo 1 automatically saves them as screenxy.pcx in the game's folder, while Thief: the Dark Project (without unofficial patches such as DDfix or NewDark) required you to use F10 (or perhaps another configurable key) for it to automatically save pictures as dumpxyz.pcx (again, in the game's folder).

BTW, you may want to give a try to Fraps. Even though it's not free, it is pretty good, to capture both screenshots and videos.

It appears I may have used this thread in error. I apologize if that's the case.

I have resolved the issue with capturing a blank screen and it was the Webroot security software. I  uninstalled the Webroot and that made SSC 4.8 work with both browsers.
Reinstalled Webroot and SSC 4.8 continued to work.
Rebooting the machine returned SSC to capturing blank screens.
Prowling around in the low levels of Webroot I found a configuration screen that allowed me to bring SSC in from the cold.
All is now well.
My thought about installing SSC 4.7.2 and having it work is Webroot had not run a scan and so SSC was left alone. If I would run a Webroot scan after installing SSC 4.7.2, I'm mostly sure it would have blocked SSC.

Thanks for pointing me down the right path!

Thank you so much for sticking with it and not giving up on SC and posting your discoveries.

Webroot is really behaving abysmally -- I can only imagine how many people experienced what you did and just gave up.

Really bad show, Webroot  :down:


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