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Black screen captured

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Hello again,
while being at it I might as well report something that happened yesterday to me.
While writing walkthroughs for certain games I have to take some screenshots and never had any problem with any game whatsoever.
Until yesterday that is.
Only today I noticed that every (and I mean every, as in 100%) screenshot has just the right size but no content. Instead they are completely black.
This occurred taking shots while playing in full screen mode. I tried windowed mode and here at least it worked just as usual.
Now I am aware of the fact that this one probably is to blame on the developers of that specific game. But anyhow: Has anybody ever experienced something like that?
And possibly even an idea how to fix it?

I probably will have to settle with windowed mode this time which I hate since the borders and title bar are included.
Or does anybody know how to take shots only of the content of the active window?

Thank you again.

I just wanted to open a new Thread on Exactly this issue.

You are right, DirectX driven games result in a black, white, blank screen during capture in real Fullscreen mode. This also happens when you close ScreenshotCaptor and use the printScreen button on you keyboard and paste the screenshot in paint. Playing in windowed mode will result in a normal screenshot, i experienced the same.

Here are my solutions:
- Use the Steam build in Screen capture tool (F12). I think you can run every game in steam mode by using the "add non-steam game" option
- Use the game build in screen capture. Some games bring their own tools for capturing.
- Use "Borderless Window" or "fake Fullscreen" mode to run your games. This mode is like fullscreen but without the window borders an controls. In this mode you can tab out of the game in no time and if you accidentally hit the windows key it will not crash your game and you can very quickly go back to your game. Since i know this mode exist i only use this. For a multi monitor setup its the only option to play your game on another screen than the main screen.

For games that are not supporting this option for borderless window, i recommend 2 programs Fullscreenizer and shift window (for multi monitor setup). For these tools you must set in the game option "windowed" game. After the game has been started you can fullscreen it with the tools i mentioned.
Borderlands can only be fullscreened when you are in the main menu of the game.

My issue is not with games, but I installed version 4.8 on my system and each time I try to grab a screen shot, the screen goes all white. I reinstalled 4.7.2 which works fine, then uninstalled 4.7.2, reinstall 4.8 checking the box to remove all elements of any prior installation, and I'm back to a white screen.
I'm running Win 8.1 Pro 64 on an HP Envy Intel box that uses Intel graphics hardware.
For now, I'm back to 4.7.2, which works fine for me.


If it is capturing all blank/white, instead of the screen, it's almost certainly a security program blocking screen capturing.

You just need to have your security program allow Screenshot Captor to capture the screen.

More info:

I really wish these security programs would stop this asinine default behavior.

I checked Webroot and it had SSC 4.8 classified as 'Monitor'. I set it to 'Allow', rebooted and SSC 4.8 captured an image of my desktop. I launched Firefox (26.0) and went to grab a screen shot of the WebRoot window to include in this response and - no joy. The capture was all white. I minimized Firefox and got the same thing. I closed Firefox and opened a bunch of different apps and SSC 4.8 worked with all of them. I fired up IE (11) and got the white screen.
Is there something else I need to change on my system configuration?

Update: In one of your posted links, I saw the browsers mentioned and went into Firefox and disabled the Webroot Add-on. Rebooted, still got the white screen when trying to grab a region (or print screen) when the browser is running.


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