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I've used ExpanDrive for a while- it lets you add alternate sources as drives in your save and open dialogs (ftp/sftp/s3/webdav), and I've been very satisfied.

Now they've introduced StrongSync, which is a sync program using one of those same sources.

A couple of talking points from the site:

Control your data
Strongsync lets you connect to your own SFTP server or Amazon S3 account so you stay in complete control of your data.

--- End quote ---

Built on open standards

* SSH (SFTP), Amazon S3 and Dreamhost DreamObjects support.
* Rackspace Cloud Files, Openstack Swift and other backends coming soon
* SSH keys support
* Encrypted connections via SSH and SSL
* Deduplicated content-addressble data storage
--- End quote ---

It's available for Mac and Windows, with Linux support coming soon.

I'm downloading it to give it a try... it's $29.95 until years' end, and they have a fully functional trial version that is limited to repositories less than 1GB or 10,000 files.


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