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Cannot Grab Current Screen after Update

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I just updated Screenshot Captor and I cannot figure out how to capture my active screen.  SC icon is on the bottom left of my taskbar and also in the hidden icons on the right side of the bottom taskbar.  I've double clicked on each and went back and forth between the two and can't get the screen I want to shop up.  It makes the click sound that it's taken the shot but I want to see what I'm capturing. I had no trouble until I updated and now I'm lost.  Can anyone help please?  The HELP on the website was of no use.  Thank You.

^ I'm not very clear on this - are you able to open the SC main window?
And if so, you cant see the image there.

I wonder if you hear a click, if a shot is being taken, but being saved somewhere else - had you customised your 'Screenshot' folder location?

If you right-click on the icon and say Explore At Screenshot Directory, do you see the screen shot that is taken?

Thank you for the advice.  I did go into Preferences and asked to save to Desktop which it did but it was blank.  Also blank when I right clicked on Explore at Screenshot Directories.  I used this program as basic as you could get, all I saved were the confirmation screens of my on-line bill payments or an occasional Big Win from the Face Book casino games.  I'd open the program then ask to Grab from Current Screen, the page would appear, then I could enlarge or decrease or adjust, then I'd go to Save Copy of Image As and pick the spot to save, name the image, save and that was that!  Right now I can't see the screen after I capture it but I can hear the camera shot and find where it goes (like after I changed it to send to Desktop) but it is always blank.  When I Capture the Current Screen it never displays the page I am capturing to make adjustments, it's just blank.  Any more ideas please???

Been playing around more with the options and I cannot get the screen I am trying to capture to show up on the main SC menu, it just takes a picture of a white screen....I really need this to work, I have things I really need to copy and file... :huh:


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