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Cannot Grab Current Screen after Update

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Windows Defender that's on Windows 7, also Webroot that Best Buy added.  I wonder if I should just uninstall and reinstall??  I know when I do that it will not bring up my list of saved captures automatically but they show up in the program folders I want to save to.  Everything seems to work fine in the program and menu's but I just can get the picture of the screen I'm saving to show up.  I even Saved the blank screen just to see if the pic would show up after the save but it's just a white screen.  I'm saving things in e-mails right now to hopefully capture when we figure this out.

AND....I've used ScreenShot Captor for years and I've never had a problem with loading or after updating until now.  I haven't had to change anything anywhere, it just worked right off.

OK...I uninstalled and reinstalled the 4.5 version and it works fine except  every time the screen open the option to Print screen pops up.  I'll search around and see if I can stop that.  Is there anything in the newest version that I'm really missing??  Don't know since I never got to use it..LOL


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