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what an outstanding review.


fantastic work done on the screencasting review, mouser. i knew you would be pulling out all the stops to analyse them in detail but i'm still surprised with how much you managed to cover - do you never sleep?

excellent conclusion - i don't think i would like to try and pick just one overall winner but now that you've brought 'bb flashback express' to everyones attention i think that stands out on price alone (and if it produces results like the full version then that is brilliant).

the truth is that i'm biased in that any screencasts i'm likely to make will just be simple movies in style, so bb flashback express is more than perfect for me. i do believe that this will also be true for the vast majority of people wanting to make screencasts judging by what i've seen over the years.

my xvid results look down right dirty compared with the crisp clean screencasts you've uploaded. i don't feel too bad about it, though, as my movies only look as nasty as the ones i'm used to watching by more professional and established outfits.

anyway, before i start rambling, i can see you've put an enormous amount of effort into the review and arrived at a very just conclusion. thanks for taking the time with that one, mouser. you deserve five, yes five, gold stars for that one.

(if you want to see one of my filthy xvids, WITH AUDIO and made using only free tools, then check out my blog.)

I couldn't agree more, and this won't be the first time I'm saying it. Absolutely stunning work on mouser's part. It's hard to believe he pulled that huge review off all by himself, in what, two days!?

I call for a random round of applause for mouser! He more than deserves it :)

I tried out BB Flashback today and must say I like it a lot. I must also say that I find it a bit simplistic. Compared with the other tools in the review, even the full version of BB Flashback is still pretty simple, although it's awesome to use. It's incredibly easy to operate and once you start, you'll be creating high-quality screencasts in absolutely no time. I created one about editing Opera's Search.ini via the Opera Wiki site today and I think the result is awesome. it's less then 1MB in size too, (flash, no sound)! It was great to see such tiny file-sizes are possible. Granted, the vid wasn't very long and I recorded only part of my screen, as full-screen recordings on my laptop are overkill, (resolution: 1920x1200).

I posted in the opinions thread for this review as well, pointing out two important points about screencasting programs that were not covered in the review. That is not to say that the review is incomplete, it absolutely is. I'm just saying I found two more little things that would be worth discussing among us :)

I'm eager to try out Camtasia as well later today. Possibly not today but later this week due to classes/exams, but soon anyway.

Again, mouser, excellent work on this review. I can't repeat it enough! Keep it up ;)

nudone i can't thank you enough for your posts prior to the review - they also make a great addendum to the review.
shangnyun, the ability to put urls in movies seems supoer important - i hope you'll keep us up to date here on which programs you discover can do it.  sounds like something definitely worth suggesting to the developers.

btw, i just checked and camtasia DOES have the ability to add hotspots that when clicked can trigger a url.

btw, i just checked and camtasia DOES have the ability to add hotspots that when clicked can trigger a url.
-mouser (June 07, 2005, 07:21 AM)
--- End quote ---

I guess Camtasia really is the non-plus ultra Screencasting tool then :)


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