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Any chance for a Translator Boomerang update?

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i don't use google API, i fetch a normal web page query and parse the results.-mouser (December 17, 2013, 12:31 PM)
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Good on You!  Whether foresight, or plain old luck, TB survived where most (all?) fell into obscurity.  Not just Fried Bablefish...  There are several others out there that no longer work...
So I've been looking into the subject of getting Spanish characters to display correctly...  I think what needs to happen, is for you (Mouser) to let the user define which font should be used by TB.  Or rather what font get's displayed in the Debug Raw window.  Unfortunately, it occurs to me that any particular font will probably work for some languages, but not others.  Maybe the solution is to allow different fonts for be bound to different languages (?)  I dunno. 

Would also be nice if the Spanish version of the text could be included in the main output window.

Maybe like:

This is the text I type or paste into TB. 
Este es el texto que escribir o pegar en la tuberculosis.
This is the text you type or paste in tuberculosis.


(p.s. LOL RE the above results)


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