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PB&J with Potato Chips... One of Nature's Most Perfect Foods[

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Don't read the following unless you're bored.]

Not sure how my mental sojourn went from NANY considerations to this, but I guess have fun with it.  :)

I love to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with tater chips.  Naturally, this cuisine *must* be complimented with a glass of ice cold milk!  Although I like strawberry jelly, IMO, peach preserves (preferably homemade).  I should point out I can enjoy the crunchy peanut butter, but the luxurious elegance of the silky smooth butters can't be beat!

So, what constitutes your favorite food groups when you want to chill out and enjoy a delicious treat?

The diaries kept by early Dutch explorers of the further reaches of the Belgian Congo describe how they came across a small isolated tribe of pygmies living in a valley who called themselves "M'bengi-stoidi", who practiced a peculiar form of cannibalism - they considered the the heads of prematurely aborted 3-month old human foetuses to be a particularly special delicacy, the eating of which they believed gave them mystical powers.
When explorers revisited the same valley about 10 years later there was no trace of the M'bengi-stoidi, and the explorers deduced that they had become extinct.

Now I'm not so hungry...  :(

Now I'm not so hungry...  :(
-Edvard (December 16, 2013, 08:36 PM)
--- End quote ---
Oh, sorry, if it was the M'bengi-stoidi that did that. Don't worry though, I made it up as a joke.
If they existed, the M'bengi-stoidi would be very "backward"...      ;D

I can be a fan of dark humor, but i must admit the humor escapes me...

Anyway, back to the original question..

I've never been much of a fan of peanut butter and the idea of peanut butter on potato chips sounds disgusting.

But in a related vein, chocolate covered pretzels are incredible.


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