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Best way to crop an image with uneven boundarys

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Hey Mouser, so I've attached the .png file made from the jagged edged scroll that I was able to create via your timely instructions.

As you can see, the problem is it's adding back the white border when I save it from SC.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much,


Well you are right, the background is no longer transparent.

Now the question is why..

Can you go back to the point where you deleted the background and it was transparent in SC.

Then go look at these options:

The flattening is what you want to avoid.  So if you are doing a SaveAs, you'll have to UNCHECK that option that says to flatten when doing a SaveAs.

Ah yes, that would of been my next guess  8)

Thanks again for the quick replies mouser..

All good..

I probably should disable that and not make it default.

makes sense...


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