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DOGE coins buying steam games


DOGE coin is a new crypto currency. At the moment people are buying games with it, with a lot of that being on Steam.

If you're a gamer and have a good gaming machine with ATI graphics cards, you can put them to work mining (digging) DOGE coins and then effectively get games for free (the cost of electricity).

You can find out more about DOGE at the forum above or on /r/dogecoin.

Also, you can beg for DOGE coins in various thread on Reddit, in the Doges forums above, or in some threads in the Bitcointalk forums. Play it up - keep in character - and you'll likely find yourself with a few DOGE coins that you can spend on a new game. :)

If nothing else, this is really an extremely fun crypto currency, and the first meme-based one.

(I should also add that this is brand new - only about 2 days old or so. NOW is the time to start mining and begging.)

Much dig. Many coin. Wow.

And now there's a Doge Jump game:

You can win DOGE coins with your high score!

I have a good feeling about this coin. It's just too much fun.

            so crypto           much rich
      many coin                                       rlly amaze

Humble Indie Bundle folks tweeted:

We have received a number of requests to accept dogecoin. Unfortunately we are unable to do that at this time
wow  such sad  much disappoint-
--- End quote ---



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