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Looking for a Foto Resizer that follows (multiple) shortcuts

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sounds as if our member vlastimill's batch picture resizer should do the job: ?

sounds as if our member vlastimill's batch picture resizer should do the job: ?-Curt (December 14, 2013, 01:40 AM)
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Nope, maybe I should ask him about it though

I've only tried a couple:

* Vlastimil's Picture Resizer (dc link) - I get an error with shortcuts-tomos (December 13, 2013, 05:29 PM)
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Obviously I sometimes read without reading. Sorry, tomos!

A few years back we briefly talked about a program that among other features could offer to perform a number of processes automatically - like resizing any picture arriving a certain folder. I think that particular feature only included a (one) folder - and you need more folders - but hey, time has passed, and maybe it has been further developed - or of course not developed at all, I don't know, because I don't recall what program it was - but I think it had to do with photo editing.

But of course it would be better to have a tiny, targeted application from skwire, than a fat multithisandthatprogram for a single feature.

sounds very good to me skwire :)
-tomos (December 14, 2013, 12:57 AM)
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Here you go.  I used vlastimil's PhotoResize for my tests.  However, you could use this script with almost any app that accepts a filepath on its command line simply by changing the path on the first line of the following:

--- Code: Autohotkey ---PathToApp := "C:\tmp\PhotoResize400\PhotoResize400.exe" Gui, Margin, 3, 3Gui, Add, Text, w170 h100 0x1200 Center, Drop some shortcuts... Gui, ShowReturn GuiDropFiles:{    myLinks := ""    Loop, Parse, A_GuiEvent, `n, `r    {        SplitPath, A_LoopField, , , OutExtension, ,                 If ( OutExtension = "lnk" )        {            FileGetShortcut, % A_LoopField, OutTarget            myLinks .= " " . OutTarget        }    }    If ( myLinks )    {        Run, % PathToApp . myLinks    }}Return GuiClose:GuiEscape:{    ExitApp}Return

Thanks very much skwire -
will only get to try it later today.

@Curt - I'm very good at reading like that myself ;)


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