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NANY 2014 Pledge: Bug Reporting Utility

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Bug Reporting Utility

This utility will make it easier to submit helpful, consistent bug reports to any developer or project.

User feedback is valuable, but much of it is hastily written, inconsistent, or never sent at all. Testers and users often find it tedious to log all of the little details and ideas they encounter, so the developers don't get the best feedback possible. This is a tool to keep those thoughts from being lost. A user will make a list of apps, and each one will be associated with information like an email address, support website, or log folder. I'm still fleshing out the ideas, so I'd really love suggestions and ideas. Look forward to it!

Sounds very interesting :up:

I often find myself making notes here or there, an app just for this would be good.

Would it be worth trying to categorise the reports? GUI/etc/etc - mmm, unsure here. But some could be just suggestions for improvments rather than bug reports. Or feature requests.

Some way of prioritising would be good - especially when first using an app, I tend to make a list of bugs/suggestions/requests. And reporting can be time-consuming.

Two entries by pyrohacker. Yay!

I'm trying to get an accurate final count on the number of apps submitted by the deadline. Looks like this one didn't make it. Is that correct?

Correct; I did not finish it in time. I'll let DC know when I do, though! Same goes for my text analysis pledge.


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