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Downloading videos from Youtube

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it would help a lot if you can supply us with a link to one of such videos-Curt (December 12, 2013, 05:37 PM)
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I had already sent the data that Curt asked, then I have accidentally found the probable explanation of the matter.

I use Internet Explorer 8 and Youtube and Flash Player. I read the maximum values of resolution from such software.
Just now I have read those values by another source (not Flash Player. I believe the new format HTML5) and I have read greater values.
I think this is the explanation. I think Flash Player sucks...

I have been using Internet Download Manager for quite sometime. It is very good in downloading youtube video, you can easily select the resolution and video format that you prefer (if a video uploaded to youtube have multiple format and resolution).

Most importantly, whenever youtube make changes to its download mechanism, the author of IDM acts very promptly to come up with a new version to take care of youtube changes.

EagleGet is a desktop tool that acts as a downloadhelper in your browser, but it also can be used separately. It has a YouTube search and download function. It's free, so it might be a nice solution to your problem.

I think the main lesson of this thread is to make your thread title very clear and accurate ;)

I think the main lesson of this thread is to make your thread title very clear and accurate ;)
-tomos (December 15, 2013, 07:37 AM)
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I always care the title, but in this case I didn't know how to summarize the question.

Second lesson (for everyone): read carefully the message before answering! (I asked why... not how!)


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