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FCalc bug

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Latest is: FCalc - 1.11.01 (Feb 14th, 2012) by mouser <[email protected]>

so, first things first -- get yourself the latest version and let me know if problem persists.

I need to update all the FARR to latest version ?

you might as well get the latest farr too, but the only thing you need for this is the latest FCALC plugin:



* (December 11, 2013, 05:12 AM)
--- End quote ---

1) I off FARR.
2) download the specified file
3) unpack it to FARR/Plugins/Fcal (replace old files) and run FARR
4) i have FCalc - 1.11.01 (Feb 14th, 2012) by mouser <[email protected]>
5) but nothing has changed - FARR crash after type fc 5/0, (5/0 5/0 = EStackOverflow)

In the evening, I'll try to update all the FARR. How to update the portable version to keep the settings?

I installed the latest version FARR (2.213.01). It did not help. Error still is. The computer is 5 years old. I have Windows XP SP2 or SP3 (?)

I have a second computer. There have Windows 7. There FCal counted correctly and the crash does not appear.


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