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NANY - Image Capture and Upload Program

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Wow, it works!! Thank you so much! It's really cool and convenient, I will use this every day. And you were so blazingly quick!

One small thing: it automatically installed the entire program to Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\ICUP on my Windows XP. When I changed the hotkey, I got some error messages. The location seemed odd anyway, so I moved the program by hand to Programs\ICUP, and then the errors stopped; now it's working perfectly. So perhaps it was looking for the .ini file in the wrong location?

I'm glad you like it, thanks!

Yeah. I have it "install" there b/c it is easier. I may change that and make a full installer once I take it out of beta.

If others don't get the error messages upon changing the hotkey whole keeping the program in \Application Data, then perhaps it is a peculiarity of my computer or of Windows XP. It doesn't matter much anyway.

I think I am going to be making it a complete portable app now. No install at all and all data is saved in the same location as the main EXE.

Sounds OK. We can make a shortcut in Programs>Startup ourselves. You could use one of those programs that automatically create an installer, though, and store everything in %PROGRAMFILES%\ICUP . It's awfully convenient for new users to have everything set up automatically. But it doesn't really matter that much either way, I'd say.
I have used Inno in the past and it worked great:


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