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NANY - Image Capture and Upload Program

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This is crazy but IMM.IO has been down for weeks. I do hope they get back up and running again but if they do not I am afraid that ICUP will be down also.... well I guess I can just take out the upload part, but that was why I mainly wrote the app. Everything breaking down around me, story of my life....

IMM.IO is down for good. I'm going to have to revisit my app and remove that bit...very sad.... It may take me a while as I am moving and still have a lot of packing planning. :-)

Oh! This program looks so good, exactly what I needed as a replacement of Zizorz. But the upload site has been discontinued. Do you think it would be possible to make the program upload to a different site? That would be so great! Or maybe even depend on Dropbox, if that makes it more stable?

I do plan on updating this to either use a different site or just make it a plain screen cap program. Not sure yet.

Ok cool! If you manage to update it to use a different site, do let us know! I've been waiting for a proper replacement for Zizors for so long...


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