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NANY - Image Capture and Upload Program

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I found a way that I can upload to Picasa/Google Photos. I know it is not a typical image sharing site, but I may be able to upload to google docs/drive also.

Oh! That's great! Thanks for looking into this. Question: when one has a link from Picasa or Drive, can one link directly to the image, so as to directly display the item in, say, a forum post that supports it?

I think so. You have to share the image/file then you should be able to do that.

Oh, that's promising! If we can use a different Google account for that, it should be anonymous enough for those concerned about their privacy (so we wouldn't have to post all images linked to our main Google account that's open in the browser: if we did that, all of our forum posts would directly lead to our real e-mail/name).

I could be wrong, of course, but I had gathered that - post g+ - the Picasa storage was to be or had been merged/aggregated with Google drive. I have assiduously avoided g+ so am probably not in a good position to test this, either way.


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