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Accents minor problem


I have only one little problem with using Accents. I have it in my startup folder, along with 3 other ahk files, and the Accents file loads but doesn't run. It is in the task bar, but I must go to the file location and right-click on it. Then, I click on RUN SCRIPT.
Is there a way to make this script run automatically from the Startup folder, as do the other 3 ahk files?

I suspect the answer is to make Windows accept the AHK script interpreter as the default application for .ahk files (you probably have a text/ programming editor set as the default). This has security risks as you might double click an unknown .ahk file to edit it (instead of right clicking and selecting edit) and run it instead.

The other option is to create in your start folder a .lnk shortcut file to the AHK executable and pass the name of the script as a command line parameter.

I won't describe how to do this in detail as I suspect you are web savvy enough to check the AHK help file for option one and to google 'how to change default application for [insert O/S version here]' but if you do need further help, AHK version and O/s details would be handy.

P.S. - I don't know why the other scripts work but accents doesn't. Does it work normally when you double click on it???


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