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NANY 2014 RELEASE: Weather Station Warlock

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Yep, I saw that right after I posted - I got a few local stations working so I'm OK - thanks!!!
-RichTWebGuy (December 17, 2014, 02:28 PM)
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No problem thanks for letting me know so I could look into it not just for you but also for everyone that might be trying as well. :)

By the way delete cache folder files inside the Weather Station Warlock folder and it should be ok next time you load the station finder.  Appears the NWS has fixed their issue a few days ago. :)

Updated to 1.0.0 build 1 with a few fixes as listed.  If you got the error with previous version be sure to go into the cache folder and delete states.txt file as well.

1. Added a user agent for when the feed gets downloaded to fix download forbidden as the national weather service has started requiring a user agent to prevent an error 403 forbidden on requests it appears.
2. In turn by adding a user agent it is now downloaded slightly different.

Please update to the latest version as previous versions will no longer work the way it appears (download link in first post).

Thanks! :)


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