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"Good enough" and NANY proto-components!?

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Very nice, Tao!  :Thmbsup:

Bumping this because Asudem likes some of the stuff and I have a bug request into Mouser.

Memo to self
(To find the path look at the C drive read in Super Resources, then type "turbo")

Because it's far from clear to anyone, I'm posting notice here that there was a long standing bug for the "Turbo Processor" (Word Processor + custom functions prototype) that was never meant to be a tease.

In original Nany a couple years ago I ran into a bug (that was still there) but I was too tired to chase it down then, so just had to finish my Nany posts and live parts of life.

This week mouser did agree it's a funky bug, so he's still poking at it with a stick, but in the meantime, he smashed it up there. So here's a quick recap a couple years later:

The compressed file is TextInfra.rar
Because of the bug, it's in two places - the original post where it belonged all along and Mouser mashed it into, and the new post on the bottom while we were testing things. They are the same version.

I commissioned all this stuff because I don't program, but my spirit is Nany/CodingSnacks. After checking with Mouser, he decided that if it's posted here in DC spirit it's fine even if it's not technically hard coded by me; I design and commission my stuff and leave the things like language choice to devs, mostly from oDesk so far.

So this was my prototype of the concept you saw years ago. There's tons of problems with it, but the idea was in for example the Data Control menu are functions you would never see in any standard word processor but resemble a lot of stuff you see here as individual modules. Unfortunately they're pretty broken! : (

But at least it's up now and it's free/available for people to whack at.


By my lazy blind guestimate, we have *over a hundred* text widget-snacks-apps here on DC. So not counting coding language clashes, the idea was you just make each one of them called as a module from a menu and then you have a super-processor that just does everything! : )


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